What to Do Before and After Pet Surgery

What to Do Before and After Pet Surgery

Whether your pet is having a simple surgical procedure or a more complex surgery can be scary for you. It’s a natural feeling, but rest assured that at Kindred Care Pet Hospital in Richmond, TX, your pet will be treated as if it’s one of our very own. We value the bond between you and your pet; that’s why we are dedicated to providing quality veterinary care when your animal needs it most.

When you find out that your pet needs to undergo a surgical procedure, you will want to make sure you fully comprehend every step involved before and after the operation takes place. Our veterinarian will explain the process and everything involved to ensure we provide effective care for your pet.

What to Do Before the Day of Surgery

  • Restrict your pet from eating after 8:00 pm on the night before their scheduled appointment. You can also leave their water bowl out until the next morning.
  • After sterile surgery, your pet will likely not be able to bathe for at least ten days or as per the specified period by our vet. We recommended bathing your pet before the day of surgery.

Pre-Operative Veterinary Care

Tests are also carried out to assess your pet’s overall health and examine your pet’s organs such as liver and kidney to get rid of any medications and see if he or she is fully vaccinated. Your pet may be given a sedative to calm him or her down, and we often shave a small patch of fur to place an IV and trim and sanitize the area being operated on.

Post-Surgery Care 

After the surgery is completed, your pet is taken into a dry and warm area to monitor them as they recover from anesthesia. Pain medication and antibiotics are some of the drugs that may be prescribed for a smoother recovery.

Contact Us for Pet Care from Our Richmond Veterinarian

At kindred care pet hospital in Richmond, TX, our primary mission and objective post-surgery is to ensure your pet has a quick and safe recovery. Our experienced team will explain and provide information on how to care for your animal after the surgery. We are committed to providing pets the care they need to live happy and healthy lives with their owners. For more information or to book your appointment with our veterinarian, reach out to us at 281-265-0009 today!

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