Ear Infections

Ear Infections in Pets

Dog and cat owners are not strangers to the risk of ear infections in their pets. It is a common concern that may arise at any time in a pet's life, so it is important to work with the right Richmond veterinarian to keep your pet's ears healthy. At Kindred Care Pet Hospital, we offer treatments to help address ear infections in your pets.


Common Signs of an Ear Infection

The signs and symptoms of an ear infection give you a way to clarify when to seek treatment. While you may not identify all the symptoms, common signs you may notice include:

  • Your pet shaking his head
  • Tilting his head to one side or the other
  • Oddities to your pet's balance
  • Uncoordinated movements or swinging his head wide when walking
  • Discharge from your pet’s ears
  • Swelling and redness around your pet’s ears
  • Vomiting

If you notice that your dog or cat's ears are red and swollen, then you want to consider the possibility of an ear infection. Do not wait to seek treatment, as continued infections may cause deafness or damage to your pet’s ears and nervous system.

Ways We Treat the Infection

When we identify an ear infection in your pet, we focus on identifying the cause of the infection and then treating the underlying problem. Since the cause may stem from fungal infections, bacterial infections, or parasites, we provide appropriate medication to address the concern. 

In some cases, we give your pet an injection of anti-inflammatory and/or antibiotic medications to address the cause of the infection. We typically use topical antibiotic/antifungal or anti-inflammatory medication and may also use them in oral form as well. We also attempt to look into the possibility of damage to your pet's eardrums.

When to Talk to Our Veterinarian in Richmond

If you are concerned about your pet's ears, then talk to our veterinarian in Richmond. We’ll recognize the signs of an infection and take measures to help your pet heal. It’s important to treat the cause of the infection before it leads to complications with your pet's health and well-being. Do not wait to talk to our veterinarian if you suspect your pet has an ear infection, since it may raise concerns about long-term complications.

Call for an Appointment

If you need treatment for your pet's ear infection, call (281) 265-0009 to set up an appointment with our veterinarian at Kindred Care Pet Hospital. We are available for appointments for Richmond, Katy and Houston and environs on Monday through Saturday. Our veterinarian will evaluate your pet's ears and provide appropriate treatment based on the needs of your pet and the cause of the ear infection.

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