Pet Asthma Treatment in Richmond, TX

Signs of Asthma in Cats & Dogs

While it is common to discuss asthma symptoms in humans, it is not common to discuss asthma in cats and dogs. If you are in the Richmond, Tx area and notice your cat or dog is experiencing signs of asthma, check out our hospital. At Kindred Care Pet Hospital, our staff has the expertise to provide suitable asthma treatment for symptoms your pet may be experiencing.

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What is Pet Asthma?

Asthma is a disease specified by chronic inflammation of the air passages in the lung. Asthma appears the same in cats and dogs, as it does in humans. Visible signs that your pet may have asthma are coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, fatigue, and inability to exercise properly, to name only a few. When your dog or cat does experience these visible symptoms it is crucial you seek our immediate care. It is crucial to seek immediate care, because your pet may be experiencing other significant symptoms that will only be discovered through an examination. Chest pressure, rapid heart rate, chest tightness or pain, respiratory infection all may be symptoms your pet is experiencing if they have asthma.   

Worst case scenario, if gone untreated your cat or dog may have an asthma attack. During an asthma attack, the muscles around the air passages tighten. The tightening of the air passages will cause your pet to have extreme difficulty breathing. Once an asthma attack is in progress, it will be an emergency and require immediate treatment. Our veterinarian strives to address any potential symptoms of asthma, so you can provide immediate assistance to your pet if an asthma attack does occur.

There are a variety of treatment options we will walk you through, to provide you and your pet the option that is right for you. Two potential options include anti-inflammatory medications or bronchodilators that will open up the air passages.

Kindred Care Pet Hospital a Breath of Fresh Air

If your pet is experiencing asthma, our veterinarian, Dr. Fidelis, has the knowledge and skill to address your concerns and to properly treat your pet. When you visit our office in Richmond, Tx, we will diagnose your pet’s symptoms, treatment options, and daily at-home care.  While asthma is not curable, your pet can live a normal healthy life. The moment you identify any signs that your cat or dog could be experiencing asthma, give us a call at (281) 265-0009. Let our talented staff provide your cat or dog with a breath of fresh air.

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