Kitten Checklist in Richmond, TX

What Do I need for a new Kitten in Richmond?

Is there anything more adorable than a brand new kitten? If your family is getting a tiny, furry new member, it's important to remember to stock up on kitten supplies before you bring the young one into your home.

At Kindred Care Pet Hospital, we suggest you set aside one special room to keep your kitten in during the first weeks. Dr. Paul Fidelis, our veterinarian in Richmond TX, finds that many new kitten owners mistakenly think that getting ready for a cat is the same as getting ready for a dog. The behaviors are quite different, and it's important that you follow a comprehensive kitten checklist before bringing your new cat into your home for the first time.

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New Owner's Kitten Checklist

  • Stock up on your kitten supplies at least a week before your kitten arrives, so you have time to arrange the items and give them a permanent home.
  • Surprisingly, one of the most important things on your kitten checklist is a good supply of toys. Cats are very curious creatures, and they'll get into an amazing amount of trouble if you don't distract them with playthings of their own. Try toys with crunchy fillings, feathered toys on strings, catnip and laser pointers to see which ones your kitten likes best.
  • Add a couple of scratching posts and a paper bag or box hiding place and your kitten will be ready for playtime.
  • Cat food is made in different varieties, each tied to a different developmental stage in your cat's life. Your new kitten will need food formulated at kitten food in order to give it all the nutrients it needs to grow and be healthy. Our vet in Richmond will be happy to give you advice on different brands of cat food. 
  • Clean water is also crucial for keeping your kitten healthy. While a fresh bowl of water every day is really all it needs, some cats are picky and prefer to drink from running water sources. Most pet stores stock running water fountains for cats with high-end tastes.
  • There is a constant argument about which type of litter box is best: low walled or enclosed, manual or electric, scented or unscented? The only sure thing to do is to try a couple in different parts of your house and duplicate the one that your cat prefers to use. Whatever type of box you get, make sure to scoop at least once a day and completely replace the cat litter every week.

Looking for a New Animal Hospital in Richmond?

If you're getting a new kitten, that means you'll need a veterinarian in your community to care for your furry family member. Give our office a call at (281) 265-0009 to make an appointment for your kitten's first wellness exam, and to meet our entire caring team.

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