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Just like humans, your pet’s diet is very important for their overall health. If you don’t focus on feeding your pet a nutritious diet, they might experience serious health concerns or even a shorter lifespan. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding time to focus on their diet can be a difficult task. Here at Kindred Care Pet Hospital, we offer outstanding pet nutrition counseling so you can stay in-the-know about a good diet for your pet. Located in Richmond, TX, we are happy to help pets in and around the entire Richmond, Sugar Land, Houston and Katy area. Our veterinarian is very skilled when it comes to assessing diets and providing treatments, and our team is always here for your specific needs. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of proper pet nutrition, including how we can provide the care your pet deserves.

Benefits of a Healthy Diet

When humans eat healthy, the benefits are plentiful. From mood changes to a boost in energy, eating healthy does wonders for the mind and body. When it comes to pets eating healthy, the same applies. Take a look at the many benefits that come along with a nutritious diet for your pet:

Healthier Coats

A healthy coat is a good sign that a pet is eating healthy. High-quality pet foods are packed full of oils, which are very beneficial to the coat. 

Healthier Skin

With allergies being a leading concern with a high number of pets today, eating a healthy diet can take a step in the right direction. Although allergies and other types of skin conditions are common in pets, a healthy diet can lead to other beneficial changes. Fresh pet food usually includes nutrients such as zinc, fatty aides, and B vitamins, which help reduce skin irritation.

Fewer Vet Visits

With an improved diet for your pet, that means fewer vet visits. From bowel issues to allergies, many pet complications can be limited, if not removed altogether, with a better diet.

Happier Life

Is your dog sluggish around the house? Have you noticed a drop in energy or quality of life? After improving your pet’s diet, you might be able to notice a difference in mood in as little as one week!

Find a Trusted Veterinarian

If you’re looking to improve your pet’s diet but you don’t know where to start, call us today for more information!

Located in Richmond, TX, we’re happy to treat pets in the entire surrounding area. To speak with a veterinarian about your pet’s nutritional intake, make an appointment with Kindred Care Pet Hospital today!

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