Emergency Veterinary Care

Just like humans, pets sometimes require emergency veterinary care. At Kindred Care Pet Hospital in Richmond, TX, we provide residents of Richmond with a quick response team to attend to animals in distress.

Emergency Veterinary Care

Pet Emergency Situations

Pet emergencies require different responses according to their severity, but most of them need an immediate call to a veterinarian. In some cases, you can take your pet to the vet and still get the necessary treatment. The most severe conditions, where you’ll need to call a vet, include:


This is a condition where volvulus and gastric dilatation occur when gas accumulates in the stomach, causing it to twist and rotate, putting unnecessary pressure on the diaphragm. Eventually, your pet will find it hard to breathe, and if not treated, it can cause death.

Respiratory Distress or Choking

Some pets are curious about everything in their surroundings and tend to explore. They sometimes end up choking on a ball or toys, which is a situation requiring emergency pet care. Some items can be easy to dislodge, and you can do this at home. However, if your animal starts having difficulty breathing, you should immediately get him to a pet hospital or call your veterinarian for emergency assistance.


Burns can be challenging to examine on animals with a lot of fur. Any extensive burns, electrical burns, and chemical burns require immediate attention from a veterinarian. Seek immediate veterinary care for your pet if he is burned in any way.


Animals can suffer from hypothermia if lost in cold weather for a long time with an injury. Symptoms of hypothermia include collapse, slow pulse, disorientation, and shallow breathing. If the animal is wet, find something to dry it thoroughly and keep it warm while looking for the best vet near me.


Animals and humans are dependent on adequate blood in their bodies to ensure efficiency in body functions. In instances of bleeding, your first step should be to press down firmly on the bleeding area using the palm of your hand. Apply a firm bandage and do not remove it even if it soaks with blood. Instead, add another dressing on top and get your pet to a veterinarian as quickly as possible.

Call Us Today for Emergency Veterinary Services

Emergency veterinary services exist due to the love pet parents have for their animals. If you ever need a medical team for emergency pet care in Richmond, call us on (281) 265-0009 or bring your pet to us at Kindred Care Pet Hospital in Richmond, TX.

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