Emergency Veterinary Care

Noticing your pet is suffering from a significant health issue can be one of the scariest experiences as a pet owner. Finding a veterinarian near you that offers emergency veterinarian care is vital for ensuring your pet gets prompt treatment to remain healthy. Kindred Care Pet Hospital in Richmond, TX, can provide your pet with immediate care for injuries, illness, and other severe health concerns. We are here to share some pet injuries and illnesses we can treat and manage with emergency pet care.

Emergency Vet Care

Wounds and Bleeding

Accidents and other incidents can result in serious injuries to pets, such as deep gashes or severe bleeding. These wounds need immediate care to prevent blood loss, infections, and other complications. Wounds may require stitches to ensure proper healing in some cases. Pets with eye wounds also need emergency care to prevent vision loss.


Broken bones are another significant injury that requires prompt care. Pets can get fractures from falling or being in accidents. Bringing your pet in as soon as possible to have a fracture treated helps ensure the bone properly heals. Fractures and similar injuries also require emergency pet care to prevent additional internal damage.

Persistent Vomiting

Pets sometimes vomit due to a stomach virus or acute illness. This vomiting usually does not last long, but persistent vomiting can indicate your pet ate something it should not have or has a significant underlying condition. Emergency pet care can determine the cause of your pet’s vomiting and provide prompt treatment to prevent severe health complications.

Acute Illnesses

Ear infections, eye infections, and other acute illnesses might need urgent care, depending on the severity of your pet’s symptoms. Our veterinary team can help you determine if you should bring your pet in for emergency care or schedule an appointment during regular office hours.

Toxin Exposure

You should seek immediate veterinary care from a vet near me if you suspect your pet ingested poison or another toxin. Poison or toxin exposure can quickly become life-threatening without prompt treatment. Specific foods, such as chocolate and raisins, are toxic to dogs. Some types of plants are also toxic to dogs, cats, or both, such as lilies and aloe.

Heatstroke and Hyperthermia

Heatstroke and hypothermia can become fatal if left untreated. Your pet’s symptoms can include breathing problems, disorientation, and collapse due to heatstroke and hypothermia. You must bring your pet to the veterinarian for emergency pet care if it has heatstroke or hypothermia.

Visit Our Richmond, TX, Veterinarian for Emergency Pet Care

Emergency pet care is crucial for promptly treating potentially life-threatening injuries or health issues, so contact Kindred Care Pet Hospital in Richmond, TX, to protect your pet’s health and well-being. We can provide immediate care for several significant illnesses and injuries, so call us at (281) 265-0009 and get your pet the treatment it needs to remain healthy and happy.

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