Common Allergies And How We Diagnose Them

Some dogs and cats end up having allergies to certain things in their food, environment or other sources, which can trigger reactions that affect their health. Since pet allergies in Richmond can make some pets miserable or uncomfortable, finding ways to manage or treat them is important. At Kindred Care Pet Hospital, our Richmond, TX vet offers care for pet allergies. 

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Common Types of Pet Allergies

There are several allergens that can affect dogs and cats. For cats, common allergies that our Richmond pet hospital treats include pollen from trees, grass and weeds, dust, mold, food, cleaning products, flea bites and flea control products. Our Richmond vet also treats these allergies in dogs, along with other common allergies, such as dander and feathers. Cats and dogs can also be allergic to certain prescription drugs. When pets are allergic to food, it is usually caused by a specific ingredient, such as wheat or corn. 

Symptoms of Pet Allergies

The kinds of symptoms that pets get from allergies will depend on the allergen they are exposed to. Food allergies can cause pets to scratch their neck or head. They might also develop digestive problems and have diarrhea or vomiting. Allergens that affect their respiratory systems, such as pollen and dust, can cause coughing and sneezing. Pet allergies, such as flea bites and cleaning products, can cause skin irritation, itching, rashes and other skin problems. 

Diagnosing Pet Allergies at Our Richmond Animal Hospital

At our Richmond animal hospital, we can run tests to find out what allergens are causing reactions in your pets. This might involve doing a skin test, a blood test or an elimination diet to accurately diagnose their allergy. Once we determine what is causing these allergic reactions, we can give you information on how to manage it at home and provide your pets with care. 

Treatment from Our Pet Allergy Vet

At Kindred Care Pet Hospital, our pet allergy vet can work with you on finding effective ways to treat pet allergies. This often includes avoiding exposure to the allergen, such as changing pet foods, dusting regularly or switching to different cleaning products. Since some allergens cannot be avoided, such as pollen exposure outdoors, our veterinarian Richmond will recommend bathing your pets to remove them from their coat and skin. Medication for pet allergies is also available, such as allergy injections to airborne allergens.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Richmond

If your pets have signs and symptoms of allergies, please contact Kindred Care Pet Hospital for an appointment with our veterinarian in Richmond. Our veterinary team can help manage or treat pet allergies to ease the symptoms of these reactions. This helps improve your pets' quality of life. 

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