Dermatology FAQs

There are many important ways to take care of your pet, and protecting its skin from irritation and other issues is an essential aspect of pet health care. A pet with a rash may be itchy and uncomfortable. They could scratch themselves excessively and develop an infection. Fortunately, our team is here to help. At Kindred Care Pet Hospital in Richmond, we offer professional pet dermatology treatment and advice for pet owners to support their animals' skin at home. Here are some common questions owners often have about skincare for pets.  


What's Causing My Pet’s Rash?

Pets can get a rash for all sorts of reasons. Their skin can be affected by anything from the kind of food they're eating to something they rolled in outdoors. There's no reason to let the problem continue when there's treatment available at our office. The first step is for our veterinarian to assess your pet's medical history and current health to understand the cause of your pet's skin problem. We can then create a treatment plan for your animal and offer continued monitoring throughout the treatment process. Working with our vet makes treatment easier, especially if you've tried things like changing your pet's food or bathing, and it hasn't helped.

How Can I Protect My Pet's Skin?

Protecting your pet's skin can be done inside and outside the body. Feeding pets good quality food and making sure they have plenty of water are both very important. Additionally, you want to make sure your animal is bathed and groomed frequently. Most cats don't need actual baths because they groom themselves. But they may need brushing or other types of grooming care. On the other hand, dogs actually need to be bathed, and taking them to a groomer can help reduce matting and other problems with their skin and hair.

What Are the Best Ways to Reduce Irritation for My Pet?

The best ways to reduce irritation for your pets are to give them quality nutrients and take good care of their skin and coat. You should also take your pets for recommended checkups and have our veterinary dermatologist look at them if they're experiencing skin issues such as rashes or other types of irritation. Solving skin problems early on can ensure your pet's health and wellness is well-protected.

Contact Us for Dermatology Care for Your Pet's Skin in Richmond

If you're in the Richmond area, reach out today to Kindred Care Pet Hospital. We can help you solve your pet's dermatology issues, such as a rash, irritation, or other skin problems. When you're not sure what's causing the skin problem, we're here to help and make it easier for your pet to receive the support and relief it needs. If your pet is suffering from a skin-related issue, contact our Richmond office for quality veterinary care today. 

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