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Pet Lumps & Bumps Diagnosis & Removal

Pet Lumps & Bumps Diagnosis & Removal With Our Richmond TX Veterinarianpet cancer diagnosis in Richmond, TX

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If you find a lump or bump on your pet, it may not necessary be a serious problem. Both cats and dogs are subject to a variety of lumps and bumps that can range from fluid-filled cysts to insect bites. Only rarely does a lump turn out to be a cancerous tumor, especially in younger animals. In many cases, a lump on your dog may simply be a lipoma, or collection of fat cells that continue to grow but do not pose a serious hazard to health. The lump or bump may not even seem to trouble the animals at all. Bringing lumps and bumps to the attention of your veterinarian in Richmond during your next office visit will help to calm your fears about a possible serious health problem.

When To Worry About Lumps On Your Pet

A lump on your cat that grows slowly and remains within a confined area is usually not cancerous. However, if a bump appears to grow quickly, or begins to spread to surrounding areas of the body, the animal should be taken to the vet immediately for a thorough examination and diagnosis. In addition, if your pet appears to be in pain from the growths or experiences a change in behavior or personality, you should seek veterinary care immediately. Your veterinarian at Kindred Care Pet Hospital can do a lump removal in Richmond and determine if further treatment is necessary.

Pet Cancer Treatments in Richmond

Kindred Care Pet Hospital can provide pet oncology in Richmond to ensure your pet has appropriate treatment if cancer is diagnosed. The vet in Richmond will do a needle aspiration and biopsy of the lump to determine if cancer cells are present. Then, an appropriate treatment plan will be created to eliminate the cancer.

Kindred Care Pet Hospital Provides Pet Cancer Treatments & Lump Removal In Richmond, TX

Dr. Paul Fidelis and his staff at Kindred Care Pet Hospital provides a range of veterinary services for resident of Richmond TX and surrounding communities. We offer wellness exams, vaccinations, dental care, parasite prevention, spaying and neutering, microchipping, surgery, diagnostic services, nutritional counseling and urgent care. We pride ourselves on providing care for the unique needs of each of our patients. Call Kindred Care Pet Hospital today at 281-265-0009 for an appointment to discuss common lumps and bumps on pets and how you can ensure your pet’s continued good health.

Learn More: Pet Cancer Treatment & Lump Removal

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