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Responsible Pet Owner Tips

Responsible Pet Owner Tips From Our Richmond, TX Vet

At Kindred Care Pet Hospital, our Richmond, TX vet believes that education is the key to creating responsible and informed pet owners. We also offer a full range of veterinary care services to suit your pet's health and wellness needs, so our Richmond pet hospital can be your one-stop shop for veterinary care at all stages of your pet's life.

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What Does it Mean to Be a Responsible Pet Owner?

Being a responsible pet owner isn't just about keeping your dog on a leash while out in public; it's about making sure your pet receives the quality care he or she deserves to lead a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. One of the most basic steps you can follow to be a responsible pet owner is that of bringing your pet in to see our Richmond vet at least once a year for a comprehensive health and wellness exam. During this appointment, we can also make sure your pet is up-to-date on any and all recommended vaccinations for your pet's health and safety.

Dr. Fidelis in Richmond also believes that responsible pet owners should have their pets spayed or neutered. Having this procedure done is the best way to prevent unwanted litters and to in-turn do your part in controlling the pet population. Fewer unwanted litters also help to free up space in local shelters so that other animals can have a shot at a better life rather than facing euthanization. And of course, having your pet spayed or neutered can come with numerous health and behavioral benefits, such as a reduced risk of reproductive cancer in both male and female pets. Spay and neuter surgeries are performed by our experienced veterinarian Richmond.

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