Common Diagnostic Tools at The Vet

Common Diagnostic Tools at The Vet

Common Diagnostic Tools at The Vet

At Kindred Care Pet Hospital in Richmond, Texas, we make caring for your furry friend our top priority. We promise to work with you, as a team, to keep your pet in tip-top shape. To assist us in doing that, our veterinary professionals use the most advanced diagnostic tools available.

Digital X-Ray

X-Rays are vital to ascertain what is going on internally with a pet, especially after an accident or ingestion of an object. Digital x-rays allow for the best image possible. It also lets us easily share the images with other professionals if necessary.

Computer Tomography

Commonly known as a CT scan, this is an advanced imaging tool. It works just like a human scan. This allows us to diagnose conditions that may not be seen on an x-ray. For example, reasons for certain discharges and soft tissue irregularities.


This non-invasive, painless tool lets your veterinarian see what's going on internally, in real-time. Ultrasound is more comprehensive than x-rays and can help diagnose organ issues accurately.


Also called ECG, this tool is used to see if issues are happening with the heart. Your pet will be hooked up to the machine using painless electro-pads. An area of fur may need to be shaved to perform this test.

Lab Tests

Some conditions or symptoms may require lab testing to be done. This will involve drawing blood, taking a urine or stool sample, or other samples from your pet. The lab tests may also involve taking a scraping or a swab from your pet. This is especially helpful if your pet appears to have a skin condition, and is itching, or scratching at its ears. This will be put under a microscope to check for parasites, fungi, etc.

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No matter what is going on with your pet, Kindred Care in Richmond, Texas is here to quickly find out what the issue is and treat it so your pet is back to its best self. Give us a call or visit our website. We are here for you.

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