Keeping Your Pet Well Groomed and Clean

Keeping Your Pet Well Groomed and Clean

Pet Well Groomed and Clean

Unlike an occasional "spring" cleaning, we should keep our beloved pets clean and well-groomed throughout the year. If you’ve been searching online for a “dog and cat vet near me,” the Richmond, TX, vet team at Kindred Care Pet Hospital recommends the following activities to promote good health:


Regular brushing removes dirt and prevents fur from getting tangled. This act also spreads your pet's natural oils throughout their coat and promotes good blood circulation. While brushing, carefully inspect the fur and skin for evidence of fleas or other parasites.

Brush your pet a couple of times each week. Do this more frequently for long-haired breeds and outdoor adventurers. Older companions also benefit from additional brushing sessions. If you detect irregular shedding, odors, skin conditions, hair loss, or hairballs, alert your Richmond vet.


Begin by brushing your pet to remove loose hair and untangle any mats. Carefully place your furry companion in a sink or tub with a little lukewarm water. Choose a pet-friendly soap or shampoo. If unsure of the brand, ask your veterinarian in Richmond, TX.

A dog should receive a bath every three months. Long-haired breeds, outdoor pups, and those with some skin problems may require a more frequent bathing routine. Be sure to clean within the folds for dog breeds with wrinkles or loose skin. Puppies may require a toy to keep them occupied.

A cat usually takes care of its hair grooming and care but should receive a bath if you notice an unusual odor or sticky area. Try to schedule your feline's bath when your cat seems mellow or after a long play session when it wants to relax.

Carefully spray water on your pet. Protect the ears, eyes, and nose to keep water, soap, or shampoo from irritating them. Reward them with a warm, dry towel after the bath has ended.

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Regular ear, eye, dental, nail, and paw care are also important for a dog or cat. If you’ve been looking online for a “veterinarian near me” and live in Richmond, TX, be sure to contact Kindred Care Pet Hospital for any grooming questions or concerns. Call us today at (281) 238-5621.

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