How to Identify a Dog's Ear Infection

How to Identify a Dog's Ear Infection

Dogs are our loyal companions, and their unconditional love is unmatched. Our furry friends depend on us to take care of them, and it's challenging to determine if they have an issue, especially an ear infection. At Kindred Care Pet Hospital in Richmond, TX, our team of experts will help educate you on the signs that your dog has an ear infection. Here are some initial symptoms of infected ears to look out for.

Constant Scratching and Pain

The incessant scratching around the head does not always mean fleas. Redness and swelling are uncomfortable, and your dog will be unable to stop itching around the ears. Your dog may also shake its head constantly to relieve the pain, and you'll likely hear lots of barking and wincing in the process.

Discharge and Odor

If you see something abnormal coming out of your dog's ears that comes with a terrible smell, this is a likely sign of an infection. Scabs and crust may also form, which are common with ear infections.

What Kind of Dogs Can Get Ear Infections?

While all dogs are susceptible to ear infections, certain dogs are more prone to them. Dogs with floppy ears, such as Basset Hounds and Cocker Spaniels, have ears that block the ear canal. Dogs with allergies and dogs that like to swim and play in water are also more likely to get infections.

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It is never easy to watch your dog suffer or be in pain. If you notice signs of an ear infection in your dog, don’t wait to seek treatment. At Kindred Care Pet Hospital in Richmond, TX, we will diagnose and treat your dog’s ear infection. Your dog's health is our top priority. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call (281) 598-0009 today! .

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