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Importance of Vaccines

Why Your Richmond Pet Needs His Vaccinations

Your pet always appears to be the picture of health, from his wet nose to his wagging tail. Why then, is it so critically important to schedule vaccinations, not just once, but throughout your pet's entire life? Let's take a look at just what those vaccines are doing for your pet, and why you want to keep that protection coming through periodic vaccinations at Kindred Care Pet Hospital in Richmond.

The Immune System, Antibodies, and Disease Exposure

Your pet has his own built-in disease resistance mechanism: his immune system. When a dangerous germ invades the bloodstream, the immune system reacts by creating antibodies specially designed to kill that particular germ. This system works quite well against many germs, but some are so deadly that even a single initial can be devastating. Without that initial exposure, however, the immune system isn't programmed to combat that disease.

What Vaccines Actually Do

Vaccines work as a kind of training system for the immune system. A vaccine is a disease organism that has been rendered harmless. Even so, it still resembles its old self sufficiently enough that the immune system will react to it and start building antibodies against it, just as if it were dangerous. The immune system will then continue to make those antibodies as long as the vaccine remains potent, giving your pet valuable protection without the risk of facing actual terrors such as rabies or distemper.

Don't Forget the Booster Shots

The only downside of a vaccine is its limited lifespan. Vaccines usually remain potent for 1 to 3 years, after which they stop giving the immune system what it needs to defend against deadly diseases. That's why we schedule booster shots at specified intervals to keep your pet protected.

Do You Have Vaccination Questions? Visit Our Richmond Veterinary Clinic

Our Richmond veterinary clinic is happy to answer any remaining questions you may have about pet vaccines. Call 281-265-0009 to schedule a consultation and/or any necessary vaccinations!

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