5 Signs It May Be Time to See a Veterinary Dermatologist

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5 Signs It May Be Time to See a Veterinary Dermatologist

Caring for your cat or dog's skin is an important task so that they remain in the best of health. A pet suffering from a rash, irritation, or other skin ailments needs assistance from our vet at Kindred Care Pet Hospital in Richmond. Here are five signs that indicate your pet has a dermatology issue that needs intervention.

Bald Areas Are Noticed

If your pet has spots where its fur is missing altogether, a skin problem may be causing fur to fall out. Another reason why fur disappears is if a pet licks or scratches its coat often. Our vet will check the skin from problems and provide proper treatment so fur regrows again.

Rash Is Present On The Skin

A pet with a rash is most likely suffering from itchiness and possible pain due to inflammation. A rash requires medication to clear it up quickly. Lifestyle changes may be necessary to keep rashes from returning again in the future.

Allergies Cause Your Pet To Have Difficulties

A cat or dog that suffers from allergies may experience problems with its skin as a part of the symptoms it experiences. Our vet will help you find out what is causing allergic reactions to occur so you can keep your pet away from triggers. Tests can be conducted to help determine allergens as well.

Dry Skin Is A Problem

A dog or cat with dry skin needs a moisturizing treatment to replenish necessary oils that keep it supple. Special creams or ointments can be used for treatment. Refrain from bathing your pet too often if dry skin is present.

Your Pet Has Fleas

A pet with a flea problem is likely to have skin problems arise. Flea bites can be painful if they become infected. Fleas also cause a pet to become extremely itchy as they are felt crawling upon the skin. Our vet will rid your pet of these pests and clear the skin as needed.

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