Common Pet Illnesses

Common Pet Illnesses

Common Pet Illnesses 

There are a lot of illnesses that your pet can get when they are out living their lives and they can come into contact with things that can cause them to get sick throughout the course of their day. If your pet gets sick, bring him to our veterinarian and call us at our Richmond, TX, office to set up your appointment time. We at Kindred Care Pet Hospital for more information.

Pet Allergies

Allergies are common in pets just like they are in humans. The same things that can cause allergic reactions in humans can cause them in pets. This includes using a new detergent or other chemical in the home, coming to contact with grass, having pollen in the air, and eating something that causes a reaction. It's important to try to figure out what the allergen that is causing the reaction could be so that you can help him to avoid it.

Ear Infections

Pets often get ear infections because of the shape of their ear canals. Dogs have especially good ear canals for retaining fluid and other contaminants. When a pet gets a bath or goes swimming, the water can get trapped inside and cause an infection. He can also get infections from bacteria and yeast. The good news is that ear infections can generally be cleared up with medication. If your pet searches at his ears a lot or shakes his head, these can be symptoms.

Eye Infections

Like humans, pets can get eye infections from time to time from causes such as a fungus, bacteria, or virus. These infections can be very uncomfortable and may even cause lasting damage if they hurt him enough. If you notice changes in his eyes, get him to our veterinarian to be checked for an infection.

Get Pet Care from Our Veterinarian in Richmond, TX

Get your pet the treatment he may need to clear up his illness. Call us at our Richmond, TX, office to get the pet care needed for better health. Call us at (281) 265-0009 for Kindred Care Pet Hospital.

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