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Common Diagnostic Tools at the Vet

Taking your pets to the veterinarian can be overwhelming and concerning even for simple wellness exams. For our team at Kindred Care Pet Hospital in Richmond, your comfort is as important as your pet's. In light of this, we hope that learning about some of the common diagnostic tools used at the vet will help put you at ease during your next visit.

The Tools You May See

If you are a new pet owner, there are several diagnostic tools that you will become familiar with during the wellness exams. In a veterinarian's exam room, you will find diagnostic tools that look very familiar, even if it is your first visit. Not unlike doctors for humans, a veterinarian will use easily recognizable things like a thermometer to check the temperature, a stethoscope to listen for heart and lung health, an otoscope to look deep into your pet’s ears, and an ophthalmoscope to get a complete look at your pet's eyes. As with humans, you may encounter a few needles and syringes used to administer vaccines or draw blood.

Blood Work

Without question, one of the most important diagnostic tools for a veterinarian is blood work. Since our pets are unable to communicate, blood work goes a long way in diagnosing hidden health issues. A simple blood draw allows a veterinarian to check for healthy levels of things like white blood cells, hormones, enzymes, electrolytes, and proteins. These complex blood tests allow the veterinarian to get an early indication of liver and kidney disease, blood disorders, endocrine issues, and even certain forms of cancer.


Our pets can be daredevils, that is for sure. Pet x-rays allow the veterinarian to ensure that a dog or cat that comes up limp isn't dealing with any broken bones.


At some point, our four-legged loved ones might require some deeper medical investigation. Ultrasounds can show much of what doesn’t show on an x-ray like pregnancy, masses, and heart conditions.

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